Hi-Lite Bulldobas Wild Child Of Memetuka ShCM (IMP FIN)

6 months

6 months

photo by: Stephen Yates.

Hunting Dogs Of Ancient Egypt 2014

Hunting Dogs Of Ancient Egypt 2014

photo by: Nick Carter

photo by: V L Gaskell

Owner : Memetuka
Breed : Basenji
Birthdate : 25th November 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

After 2 years of planning, waiting and hoping, Freya, our beautiful new girl from Finland is finally here.

She came to live with us at the age of 4 months and settled in straight away. She has a sweet, cheeky personality with bags of confidence.She is an indipendent young lady who has everyone in their place!

She made quite an entrance at Southern Counties Championship Show. This was her first show and not content with winning Best Puppy In Breed under judge Mr Johan Juslin, she also took the Reserve Bitch CC, earning herself her Stud Book Number. She was then short listed in the Puppy Group. Three weeks later she also won Best Puppy in breed under Liz Cartiledge at Blackpool Championship Show.
She continued to win her Puppy Bitch classes at Windsor and Leeds Championship Shows and also won the Puppy Bitch Stakes at Windsor, Bournemouth and WKC. At SKC in August, she not only won BPIB but also took Best Bitch and Best Of Breed under Mrs. Fran Mitchell, beating Sunny who won Best Dog.

Blackpool Championship Show
It could not have been a worse day for basenjis - wet, cold and windy and on top of that we had a small square ring with holes and puddles! It was clear to see that they were not amused - the bitches were more 'picky' than the dogs, avoiding the deep wet areas with a look of utter distain!
Basenji Puppy Bitch (2)
1, BP, Gaskell's Hi-Lite Bulldobas Wild Child Of Memetuka, red/white, the ultimate showgirl at the tender age of 6 months, lovely puppy, gorgeous head, best of expression, handled to advantage to look her very best standing and moving. I liked her body and proportions, excellent coat. Shade close behind but full of promise.

Southern Counties Championship Show
Hi-Lite Bulldobas Wild Child Of Memetuka, red/white quality exhibit with plenty to admire. Feminine well proportioned head with a correct eye and expression. Neat well placed ears finished off with good wrinkle. She has a well defined crest which flows into a clean front assembly. Topline is correct which in turn leads to a well set tight tail. Her rear angles are good with plenty of shelf. Moved out with style on the out and back holding her outline on the go around. Presentation was excellent. Today the RCC.


  • Parents
    • Fi Ch Fijw-09 Nordw-09 Nordjw-09 Kimwitu'S Duke E.
    • C.I.B Fi Ch Eech No Ch Eejw-09 Bulldobas Crown Jewel
  • Grand Parents
    • Dk Ch Se Ch Am Ch Meisterhaus Tail of Intrigue
    • C.I.B. Us Ch Se Ch Dk Ch Lu Ch Jasiri-Sukari Pup Music
    • C.I.B Finch Se Ch Ee Ch Lv Ch Finjw-06 Eew-07 Eejw-07 Bulldo
    • C.I.B Nord Ch Fin Ch Se.Ch No Ch Ee Ch Lt Ch Ru Ch Ltw-08 Af
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Jasiri-Sukari White Collar Crime
    • Am Ch Undercover Bojak'S Caitlan
    • Am Ch Meisterhaus Politically Correct
    • Am Ch Sukari-Jasiri Soda Pup
    • Am Ch Klassic'S Rudy Toot Flutesong
    • Pepparson'S Uzuri Bulldobas
    • Au Ch Bayenji Jailhouse Rock
    • Au Ch Helios Hot Chilli Pepper
  • Great Great Grand Parents