Willakyme Golden Celebrity

photo by: Nick Carter

Breeder : Willakyme
Breed : Whippet
Birthdate : 11th December 2012

Brook is enjoying her puppy life here at Willakyme with her puppy mates, running and being full of mischief


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Recall Running Bear
    • Mickys Gem at Recall
    • Highnote Secret Wishmaster at Recall
    • Lost Love of Brookhaven
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Brookhaven Lorcan at Recall
    • Serious Lady at Recall
    • Jessjohn Dreamboat
    • Melissa Rosebud at Recall
    • Ch Nevedith Kfa Kraka (Jw)
    • Highnote Phoenix Chinadoll
    • Bayard Knockando for Elleonia
    • Oakengate Roamany Girl of Brookhaven
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sportingfield Mc Dougal
    • Holly House at Recall
    • Jessjohn On To A Winner at Recall
    • Oakengate Roamany Girl of Brookhaven
    • Drakesoak Golden Prospect (Shcm)
    • Penralt Blue Mystique at Recall
    • Stonefox Jealous Guy
    • Verdant Gold Digger
    • Ch Fullerton Dream Mover
    • Ch Nuts of May Nevedith
    • Royal Court Jester for Highnote
    • Roaedeane Camomile
    • Ch Khabaray Single Malt at Dumbriton
    • Elleonia Little Madam
    • Goodie Two Shoes
    • Silstone Betina at Oakbark