Ceearott Quickstep for MarvelRott

Buffy at Leeds 2012

Buffy at Leeds 2012

photo by: Karen Lewis

Owner : MarvelRott
Breed : Rottweiler
Birthdate : 23rd February 2011

Buffy has started her show career with some very nice placings, she is handled by my good friend Georgina Lucas (Romanblue), and we are very proud of both of them and the work they have put in, a match made in heaven.
- Buffy passed her KC good citizens Bronze at 6 months of age and is currently working towards her Silver & Gold.
- Buffy passed her first of three Temp tests at Midland Rott 2012.
- Buffy passed her 2nd Temp test at Midland Rott 2013
- Buffy graded "EXCELLENT" in her first RC Temperament Assessment 2013
- Buffy has been accepted as a Pets as Therapy (PAT) dog, we are immensely proud of her
- Buffy gains her Stud Book number in her first Limit class at Scottish Rottweiler Club under Breed Specialist Kay Brawn (Javladare)

Buffy has demonstrated a good working ability, together with the desired character needed

**Buffy has been spayed and officially retired from showing**


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