Wizzy Winnie From Daltdach

Wizzy Winnie From Daltdach

Wizzy Winnie From Daltdach

photo by: www.mumuland.org.uk

Wizzy Winnie From Daltdach

Wizzy Winnie From Daltdach

photo by: www.mumuland.org,uk

Owner : Mumuland
Breed : Boston Terrier
Birthdate : 23rd October 2011
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • HC-HSF4 : Clear - 30th November 2012

This is Winnie, she was born on the 21st October 2011 and came to us at the age of almost four months old and is very sweet natured and has learnt to enjoy the finer things in life very quickly as she had been raised in a kennel environment with her breeder before coming to us. Although she looks like butter wouldn't melt, she is actually very mischievious.

Winnie has developed into a nice dog and has shown excellent potential as a good brood bitch from a tiny puppy, she has always had a good head and good type, as well as stunning movement, correct markings and a lovely outgoing temperament. Winnie has now matured into a wonderful girl, and her quality simply shines through. Her head, and movement along with her friendly and outgoing nature are still her best qualities by far.

Winnie is a very energetic and loves to be playing especailly with Jeffery, she rarely sits still for any length of time and can be described as your 'typical' bouncy Boston, She is very similar in nature to Doris (Blakeney's Star Of Daltdach - who has now been retired from breeding), which is ironic considering she is to take Doris's place as our third breeding bitch, although Winnie is not closely related to Doris, she has the same happy go lucky attitude to life and loves to run around the house at top speed like a mini tornado and play hide and seek just like Doris does - so much so we nick named her "Doris' Apprentice".

Winnie was used as the logo for our "Canine Couriers" website and as usual was only to happy to continually pose for a 20 minute photo shoot for us. Winnie loves everyone and anyone who is willing to give her some attention and a lap to snuggle up on. She hates being cold and wet (like most Boston's) and will go to great lengths to avoid the bad weather at all cost.... and we regularly have to play a game of 'hide n seak' to get her outside!

Winnie has been DNA tested clear of Juvenile Hereditary Cataract (HC-HSF4) and has a curent BVA HC eye test result of Unaffected for later onset Hereditary Cateracts. Which means that as long as she is mated to a stud who is also DNA tested Clear of JHC all pups will be born Hereditary Clear of JHC and will not go on to develop the condition or pass it on to future off spring.

Winnie has produced two wonderful healthy litters of pups during her time with us, her third litter born December 2014 did not go well and she has therefore been spayed and retired from our breeding programme.
Unfortunately we did not manage to keep a pup from Winnie as we planning on keeping a pup from her last litter but sadly that hasn't worked out for us, We are hoping we may be able to re establish her line at a later date by using one of Winnie's boys as a stud in the near future.

Winnie is Patella Scored 0/0 and heart tested normal - you can read more about Winnie on our website www.mumuland.org.uk


  • Parents
    • Falecea Party Affair
    • Fizzy Wizzy Bizzy
  • Grand Parents
    • Luciebelle Al Capone
    • Miss Molly Of Falecea
    • Tiny Tim
    • Wildax Mighty Mouse
  • Great Grand Parents
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    • Wildax The Claranetist
    • Wildax The Hermit
    • Antalya Morning Camper At Marusches
    • Coppergold Simply A Softy
    • Samuri Emperess
    • Wildax Rooney
    • Wildax The Honeybee
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Bo-K's Little Deuce Coupe For Antrix (IMP USA)
    • Ch Lorece Pickety Witch
    • Ch Al-Mars Just Crusin To Wildax (IMP USA)
    • Wildax Honey
    • Ch Wildax Hurricane
    • Wildax Hallmark
    • Ch Kool Hand Luke
    • Bywell Margarita
    • Coppergold Simply Striking
    • Coppergold Simply A Sequel
    • Apposyte First Knight Of Elbo (IMP)
    • Brandywine Marjoram
    • Ch Wildax Hurricane
    • Wildax Pure Pink
    • Ch Wildax Hurricane
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