Baruscha vom Bachmeier

Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 4th December 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Rheeber, is a semi long coated girl with the most fantastic nature you could ever wish for in a dog. She is superbly bred, her father being Champion Elmo von Huhnegrab. Her mum is Zumander Atia one of only four puppies in the UK sired by Oliver von Laccher Haus. Rheeber has a hip score total of 9 and elbows 0. She is very dominant in her looks with her babies and temperament excells in her offspring. Feedback from owners of her puppies have been excellent.


  • Parents
    • Ch Elmo vom Huhnegrab
    • Zumander Atia
  • Grand Parents
    • Zamp vom Thermodos
    • Ofi vom Huhnegrab
    • Oliver vom Laccher Haus
    • Pepsi vom Grauen
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Quantum von Arminius
    • Lite vom Thermodos
    • Yasko vom Farbenspiel
    • Pirie vom Haus Dexel
    • Bax von der Luisenstrausse
    • Jenny von Laccher Haus
    • Larus von Batu
    • Mocca vom Grauen
  • Great Great Grand Parents