Mariajon's Peaches Delight at jessiebeths

Evie as a pup

Evie as a pup

Owner : jessiebeths
Breed : Long Coat Chihuahua
Birthdate : 27th November 2010

Evie is our beautiful long coat chihuahua.she has a very sweet tempermentshe is the first to make a fuss of anyone who visits.she is from top quality show lines.


  • Parents
    • veltuds blue blue
    • mariajon's tia's return
  • Grand Parents
    • veltuds move-along
    • donami finesse
    • donami the fonz
    • delgirls belmont beauty from mariajon
  • Great Grand Parents
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • chihgra cheeky charlie
    • CH hannen teddy
    • kimbering pipistrelle of remmitt
    • CH ormestex jewels
    • donami snow dream for carichic
    • maerdyseion hillbilly donami
    • cheryls girl donami
    • CH ormestex jewels
    • Ch Ormestex Jewels
    • Donami Snowdream
    • maerdyseion hillbilly donami
    • cheryls girl donami
    • waelwulf little boy red
    • waelwulf lotus blossom
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