Icebex In The Valley of Elah (AWTDs)

Squeak age 13 months

Squeak age 13 months

Squeak age 2

Squeak age 2

Owner : ICEBEX
Breed : Siberian Husky
Birthdate : 29th September 2011
Health Tested

Health Tests

Squeak is from Boo's (icehowlers she's the one for Icebex JW) first litter. Sired by BJ (Lara Ke's Blackjack of Zima)

We are extremely pleased with Squeak she is the engine of our team. Squeak will always give her very best and never puts a foot wrong in harness.

Her drive and working attitude is second to none and we hope that this will pass onto any progeny she may have.

Squeak has obtained her long distance silver title and was also part of our 3 dog team which were runners up in the ABSA 3 dog championships.

Squeak has been lightly shown and has been placed highly.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Alaskan's Kitmuk of Anadyr
    • CH Lara Ke's Teklanika at Bifrost
    • Conan'S Revenge with Icehowlers
    • Blustag Born To Race for Icehowlers (Fin Imp)
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Alaskan's Blackjack of Anadyr
    • Alaskan's Grey Mouse of Anadyr
    • Lara-Ke's Fure
    • Lara-Ke's Anna Dearest
    • Nights Cast of Siam
    • Silver Dream Warrior
    • White Bear of Blufawn
    • Wolfsong Midnight Sun at Blustag
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Alaskan's Baridia of Anadyr
    • Alaskan's Rebel of Anadyr
    • Shjegge Mann's Moose
    • Alaskan's Fluff of Anadyr
    • Alaskan's Mageik of Anadyr
    • Blackwaters Cassiar of Anadyr
    • Alaskan's Kitmuk of Anadyr
    • Alaskan's Joni of Anadyr
    • Snows Falling
    • Team Star Dream
    • Rusty Ivan'S Folly
    • Chita Lady
    • Ch. Zima Indian Skimmer
    • Katimavik Yashka
    • Skimarque Indie
    • Skimarque Candle In The Wind