Valerite Sapphire Blue

Owner : Charelliby
Breed : Standard Poodle
Birthdate : 28th July 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Int. Ch Huffish On Every Street
    • Aus.Ch Serekunda True Love Among Somanic
    • Ch Am & Ned Ch Pinafore Seabiskit
    • Afterglow Striptease
    • Am.Ch Pinafore Sparticus
    • Pinafore Perfection
    • Ch.Lemerle Remington Steele
    • Valerite Dazzling Silver
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am Swed Dan Ch Kaylen's Reason To Believe
    • Ch Huffish I'm Every Woman
    • Kateisha All You Need Is Love To Somanic
    • Ch Serekunda Spice Girl
    • Am Ch Pinafore Sparticus
    • Pinafore Perfection
    • Ch Torpaz It'll Be All White
    • Ch Magin Don't Eat The Daisies At Afterglow
    • Am Ch Mardi Gras Kiyara Different Drummer
    • Am.Ch Pinafore Showgirl
    • Pinafore Mister Biggs
    • Pinafore Vanilla Pudding
    • Am.Can.Ch Lemerlesilk Comedian of Keja
    • Am.Ch.Lemerle Frencheclair
    • Kertellas Exiting Action At Tazmitch
    • Valerite Got The Blues