Kenocto Lovable Lass

Lily and friend

Lily and friend

Owner : Henley
Breed : Cocker Spaniel
Birthdate : 30th August 2008

Lily is adorable. Full of energy and always very busy. Like all working Cockers Lily is a huge character in a small body.Being part of my very busy picking up team I would be lost without her. very affectionate and yet nothing gets in her way when she is in working mode. Great with children, she is very kind and gentle, always wanting something in her mouth to bring to you. I have had her from a puppy at 8 weeks old and she has never chewed or damaged anything. I love Lily, she is a great companion and makes me laugh.


  • Parents
    • Seldom Seen
    • Raldown Jade
  • Grand Parents
    • Bruce of Dunbar
    • Miry Ellis
    • Ft Ch Larford Evan
    • Cordoba Cosmo
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ft Ch Swallow Lal Snipe
    • Flush of Gartiegyre
    • Square Point Saxon
    • Waki Gold
    • Ft Ch Wernffwd Daibach
    • Larford Celt
    • Goldengrove Sabre of Rowston (FTW)
    • Miry Ellis
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ft Ch Smut of Jordieland
    • Misty Lay Katy
    • Morleigh Mini Metro
    • Migdale Bena
    • Jordieland Wag
    • Jordieland Low
    • Sosban Song
    • Mistical Magic
    • Ft Ch Maesydderwen Kestrel
    • Ft Ch Wernffrwd Silk
    • Ft Ch Rigfoot Teal
    • Ft Ch Wernffrwd Ammwyl
    • Rowston Teal of Maesydderwen
    • Maesydderwen Beauty
    • Square Point Saxon
    • Waki Gold