Ch Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone (IMP ITA) ShCM

Age 8 weeks

Age 8 weeks

Winning his 1st CC & BOB SKC (May'13)

Winning his 1st CC & BOB SKC (May'13)

photo by: Andrew Brace

Ch. Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone (IMP ITA) ShCM

Ch. Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone (IMP ITA) ShCM

photo by: Stewart McPherson

Owner : Brumberhill
Breed : Wire Haired Dachshund
Birthdate : 11th February 2012
Colour : Wild Boar

Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone (IMP ITA) ShCM, aka Tony, is a new, exciting addition to the Brumberhill Kennel, owned in partnership with Peter Paterson. He was born in Italy, bred by Francesca Cassin, together with Hugo Quevedo A, from Brazilian parents, bred at the World Famous Treis Pinheiros Kennel owned by Carlos M. Pedroso Neto and Patricia Romanelli.
He is an absolute delight to live with and typically Wire, he is a total clown!!

On his UK debut, winner of Puppy, Novice and Best Puppy, at the Lancashire and Cheshire Dachshund Association Ch. Show '12, under John Bennett ( Shardaroba) who wrote "A well constructed young dog, with a promising future, and quality stamped through him. Good shaped head, dark eye, Super shoulder placement and good depth of brisket. Good bone with adequate ribbing, kept his topline at all times. A well balanced dog Best Puppy"

Bridlington & DCS Open Show '12- BOB, Group 3, Puppy Group 1- Mrs A.M. Lancashire (Drishaun),
Best Puppy in Show- Gavin Robertson (Soletrader).

Billingham Synthonia Canine Club Open Show '13-
BOB & Group 1- Moray Armstrong (Bitcon),
BIS- Mr R Jones (Quemerford) who wrote "BIS was Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone (IMP ITA), W/H Dachs, well they say Italians have style & this lad has loads, I really could have taken him home, just oozed character, moved around the ring as if he was on rails & showed nonstop, good head, muzzle, bite & eyes, nice outline & good neck, lovely shoulders & good front, liked his level back which he holds nicely on the move, lovely backend with good hocks"

BOB Saltburn & DCS- Marie Morrison.

1st Junior- Northern Counties Dachshund Association Champ. Show '13- Alan Atkins, who wrote "Of ideal proportions with good head. Kept topline on the move. Good driving action. Well handled."

1st Junior, CC & BOB- SKC (May)- Andrew Brace (Tragband), who wrote
"16 months wild boar, balanced head, excellent neck & topline, well boned & ribbed with superb angulation front & back, tight wire jacket, goes around with reach & drive, just needs to firm up going away. Has so much style & presence & his outline never faltered, won an easy first CC & BOB & should gain many more."

BOB Northwich & DCS- Andrew Roberts (Dandydayo),
Group 1 Northwich & DCS- Daniel Roberts (Swansford),
BIS Northwich & DCS- Mrs J. Reynolds.

1st Junior- Houndshow '13- Daniel Roberts (Swansford) who wrote "19 mths, fantastic coat and condition, very good head and dark almond eye, well arched neck leading into well placed shoulders, good forechest, tight elbows, very good body and ribbing, super top and underlines, short thick loins, excellent hind angulation, impressive second thigh, ultra sound coming and going, lovely outline in profile with super drive from behind, so close up in the challenge, just a shade more ground clearance than the winners. I'm sure he will be very useful and given the chance will make it."

BOB & Res BIS Northern Counties Dachshund Association Open Show '13- Michael Lewis (Trixhund),

2nd Limit- Lancs & Cheshire DA- Lesley McNaughton (Cedavoch) who wrote "different in type to one but is balanced all through. In super condition. Moved soundly with drive."

1st Limit- Midland Counties- Pam Marston Pollock (Falconcrag),

1st Limit, Res CC- The Dachshund Club '13- Sigurd Wilberg (Kanix),who wrote " This dog had a lot going for him and he pushed hard for the CC. I was taken by his style and presence, lovely neck and superb outline, even if he was a bit long. He has a classic front and he moves around the ring like an athlete. This has to be a champion in the making - RCC"

2nd Limit- LKA '13- Ian Seath (Sunsong),

BOB- Northern Longhaired Dachshund Association Open Show '14- David Morgan.
BIS- Val Foss (Elswood)

1st Limit, Res CC- Crufts '14- Sue Seath (Sunsong) who wrote "A hotly contested class with quality right down the line.


Have admired this stunning light brindle from the first occasion I saw him as a very raw puppy. He has certainly more than fulfilled his potential and I was pleased to have the opportunity to judge him. Excels in outline both in stance and on the move. Beautiful head and expression, with correctly shaped dark eye, strong muzzle and jaw and lovely furnishings. Reachy neck flows seamlessly into well placed and laid back shoulders and displays the correct forechest as a result. Firm topline with good flow of underline and spring of rib leading to well angulated quarters. Totally spot on for length to height ratio and ground clearance. His quality of conformation translates into sound, free and ground-covering movement. Beautifully conditioned, presented and handled to advantage. Pleased to award him Reserve C.C."

2nd Limit- Birmingham National '14 -Jenny Startup,

1st Limit, CC & BOB- SKC (May) '14-Derek Smith (Clickham), who wrote
"liked the size, type & balance of this brindle boy, pleasing head & neckline, immaculate in front & topline, strong rear & lovely legs & feet, well prepared coat, he is sound & a good showman. CC & BOB"

1st Limit, Res CC- Blackpool '14- Tom Johnson (Feldkirk), who wrote "Masculine head of good length, correct eye shape and good colour, well set ears, good length of neck, good bone, adequate forechest and good depth, good length and held level topline, well developed rear and presented in good harsh coat, moved freely and with drive. Res CC "

1st Open, BOB- Driffield Ch. Show '14- Jane Maxwell, who wrote "Dark brindle who has matured into an impressive stallion of a dog. I thought his proportions were correct, 2 to 1. Long conical head with strong jaw. Balanced in angulation. Well pronounced forechest and good length of keel. Topline fairly level and well ribbed up with a short strong loin. Good ground clearance. Harsh short coat in good condition. Moved with drive from rear and extends in front. BD and BOB, shortlisted in Group"
Group Shortlisted- Nick Bryce-Smith (Saruk).

1st Open - Midland Counties '14 - Albert Wight, who wrote "Nice for size and he is so balanced in height/length. Owns a pleasing headpiece, especially pleasing eye and expression, very good reach of neck, enough spring of rib, lovely jacket and immaculate in body and presentation. Moved up and down quite soundly"

1st Limit, CC & BOS - Great Joint DA '14 - Andrea Callow (Garthorne), who wrote "excellent quality brindle, didnít put a foot wrong, so balanced all through, good bone, feet & legs, correct front with tight elbows, firm angulated quarters, moved freely with drive, a lovely picture in profile. CC, I was told his 3rd, well deserved."

BOB - Manchester '15 - Moray Armstrong (Bitcon), who wrote "top class dog from any angle, pleasing head & eye, excellent front, good body length, strong topline with nice quarters, moved well, in good coat & condition. BD & BOB."

3rd Open - Crufts '15 - Val Foss (Elswood),

2nd Open - Wirehaired Dachshund Club Champ. Show '15 - Arnold Derry (Andlouis),

1st Open Best Dog, BOS, Res. BOB - Northern Counties D.A. Champ. Show '15 - Christine Russell (Russteck),

1st Open, CC & BOS - Birmingham National'15 - Colin Gillanders (Helmsdown), who wrote "brindle, this excellent quality hound was the first to be examined in his class and I could not find another to place over him today, like all good ones he is beautifully sound and possesses lovely breed type, he has an attractive masculine head without any coarseness, sweeping keel and super legs and feet, topline and underline are in harmony and there is adequate ground clearance, movement was also true coming and going. Excellent."

1st Open, CC & BOB - SKC (May) '15 - Ken Sinclar (Araki), who wrote "This was a good class, most enjoyable to judge. 1 McPherson & Paterson's Ch Fransin Brasilian T P Panettone ShCM (Imp). This masculine dog has great presence and deportment, looks great stacked, long neck flowing so smoothly into well set shoulders, great firm topline, good feet, sound fore and aft, in good harsh jacket, handled to perfection. CC and BOB"

3rd Open - Leeds '15 - Mike Gadsby (Afterglow)

1st Open, BOB - Northern Longhaired Dachshund Breeders Association - Angie Baxter ( Hotwire),who wrote "fantastic, well balanced dog who is a pleasure to judge. Lovely strong head, good front, everything in the right place, well angulated fore & aft, well ribbed, with super strong loin allowing the most purposeful movement, maintaining his topline. Excellent wire coat. BOB. Pleased to see him win RBIS, well done"
Res BIS - Mrs Jean Hallett (Loretto)

1st Open, CC & BOS - Welsh KC '15 - Frank Kane ( Hirontower), who wrote "3 years, of lovely size & proportions, excellent coat & ribbing. Well made, very good head & eye. Carried a good topline. Convincing CC winner. A new one to me, I liked him a lot"

1st Open, Res CC - LKA '15 - Diana Melbourne (Melriding)

1st Open, CC & BOB - Midland Counties '16 - Sue Seath (Sunsong), who wrote "This light brindle was my reserve CC winner when I judged the breed at Crufts Ď14 and I was delighted to have the opportunity to judge him again as a fully mature Champion. Correct for length to height ratio and has good ground clearance. Attractive, well proportioned head with keen alert expression. Good reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders and good length of upper arm, enabling him to stand and move absolutely true in front. Lovely body shape with firm, level backline and pleasing sweep of underline to complement. Well angulated hindquarters complete the picture. Comes into his own on the move and covers the ground with free-striding, effortless action in profile and displays parallel action up and back. Beautifully presented and handled to advantage. Delighted on this occasion to award CC and Best of Breed"

1st Open, Res CC - WELKS '17 - Jenny Rowe (Boloria), who wrote " Another quality dog Which excels on the move very well presented, masculine head and lovely expression good reach of neck into correct shoulders lovely front and feet firm topline which he held on the move strode out freely around the ring with drive and purpose please to award him RDCC."

Sire of:

Ch. Ambiesque Allure -
Res CC & Best Puppy, on her debut, at SKC (May) '14 - Derek Smith (Clickham),
Res CC - Wirehaired DC Champ. Show '15 - Arnold Derry (Andlouis),
CC & BOS - SKC (May) '15 - Ken Sinclair (Araki),
CC & BOS - Leeds '15 - Mike Gadsby (Afterglow),
Res CC - Welsh KC '15 - Frank Kane (Hirontower),
Res CC - Lancs & Cheshire DA '15 - Dianna Spavin (Dialynne),
Res CC - Southern Dachshund '16 - John Bennett (Shardaroba),
Res CC - Wirehaired Dachshund Club '16 - Sue Holt (Waldmeister),
Res CC - SKC (May) '16 - Rachel Barney (Verammi),
CC & BOS - Southern Counties '16 - Howard Ogden (Beauview)

Brumberhill Bellissima -
1st Puppy, Res Best Bitch, Best Puppy - Northern Counties D.A. Champ. Show '15 - Christine Russell (Russteck),
Reserve Best Puppy in Show - Andrea Callow (Garthorne),
Best Puppy - Leeds '15 - Mike Gadsby (Afterglow),
1st Post Graduate - Birmingham National '16 - Derek Smith (Clickham),
1st Post Graduate - Southern Counties '16 - Howard Ogden (Beauview)

Brumberhill Bellezza -
1st Novice - Lancs & Cheshire DA '15 - Dianna Spavin (Dialynne),
2nd Junior - LKA '15 - Di Melbourne.

Brumberhill Bellina -
CC - SKC (May) '16 - Rachel Barney (Verammi),
Res CC - Blackpool '16 - Sandra Marshall (Lowerdon)

Bardrestan Queen O' The South -
1st Puppy, Best Puppy - Lancs & Cheshire DA - Dianna Spavin (Dialynne)

Derochaise Elusia -
1st Puppy, Best Puppy - Houndshow '16 ,
BPIS - Northern Counties Dachshund Association '16,
BPIS - Hitchen Open Show '16,
BIS & BPIS - Hound Club of East Anglia.

Derochaise Versace -
Res BPIS - EELKS '16 Open Show,
Best Puppy - Midland Counties '16,
Best Puppy & Res CC - Great Joint DA '16,
Winner of Dachshund Club, Dachshund Puppy of the Year for 2016.

Bystock Pannacotta-
Best Puppy - Dachshund Club Of Wales Ch. show '17,
Best Puppy -Crufts '17.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Braz Ch Treis Pinheiros Irish Fighter
    • Braz Ch Treis Pinheiros Born In The Usa
    • Arg Uru Lat Ch Treis Pinheiros Google
    • Arg Lat Ch Treis Pinheiros Tiket SW
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am Can Braz Arg Uru Ch Starhaven Andrew W
    • Am Ch Starbarrack Fan Dancer Sw
    • Am Ch Starbarrack Escoffier Sw
    • Am Braz Ch Usonia Lakota Treis Pinheiros
    • UK Am Braz Ch Treis Pinheiros Zucchini SW (IMP USA)
    • Braz Ch Treis Pinheiros Born In The USA
    • World Braz Indian Ch Treis Pinheiros Quo Vadis SW
    • Braz Ch Kiss Me Treis Pinheiros
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Robinswood Rough Cut W
    • Am Ch Solo'S Marina W
    • Am Ch Starbarrack Malachite Sw
    • Am Ch Starbarrack Fan The Flames Sw
    • Am Ch Starbarrack Malachite Sw
    • Am Ch Starbarrack Fan The Flames Sw
    • Am Ch Usonia'S Cherokee of Neudorf
    • Starhaven Laura Louise Sw
    • Braz Ch Treis Pinheiros Irish Fighter
    • Braz Ch Treis Pinheiros Queen Mary SW
    • Am Ch Starbarrack Escoffier SW
    • Braz Ch Usonia Lakota Treis Pinheiros
    • Am Can Braz Ch Starbarrack Food For Thought
    • Braz Ch Rainmaker SW Treis Pinheiros
    • Am Can Braz Arg Uru Ch Starhaven Andrew W
    • Braz Ch Lowcommotion W Treis Pinheiros