Beestonmoss Primavera Lady

Owner : Nedracdee
Breed : Labrador Retriever
Birthdate : 24th June 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Beestonmoss Primavera Lady 'Yarna' is a beautiful lady, with a fantastic temperament and will to please, she is from show/working lines and her pedigree is fantastic with many CH, ShCh, Ftw and int Ftch.Nedracdee being my affix/kennel name as I bred her father Nedracdee Peregrine and Vera Dee who started my line and is her grandmother and daughter of Oakhouse Office Boy. She is hereditary clear of PRA and her hip score is - 3/5, Elbows- 0, and has an up to date eye test certificate.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Brandlesholme Beau-Brummel at Eromdop
    • Stormley Sherrie Out of Linchris
    • Oakhouse Office Boy
    • Lady Cornflower
    • Ch Carpenny Anchorman
    • Abbeystead Rhyme
    • Mars of Manymills
    • Fenflyer Roxy
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway
    • Brandlesholme Betty Boo
    • Mr O'Sullivan at Harrop
    • Stormley Choc Drop
    • Nor Ch Birchbrook Barleywine of Charway
    • Oakhoue Oodles of Fun
    • Oakhouse One Out of Four
    • Mary Anne Queen
    • Ftw Augustus Tuplady of Leospring
    • Sh Ch Covetwood Elouise of Carpenny
    • Rocheby Old Smokey
    • Abbeystead Drama
    • Manymills Heron
    • Rock Rose
    • Ir Ft Ch Thornlee Lad of Fenflyer
    • Delfleet Band of Gold of Fenflyer