Valerite Lady in Lavender

Millie ()Valerite Lady in Lavender)

Millie ()Valerite Lady in Lavender)

Breeder : Valerite
Breed : Standard Poodle
20th July 2005 - 20th June 2014

Millie Valerite lady in Lavender .She is the Dam of Valerite Flamenco Dancerwho lives in Sweden .and her latest offspring is our new puppy Lottie(Valerite Lots of lavender)


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Lermerle Silk Comedian of Keja
    • Am Ch Lemerle French Eclair
    • Kertellas Exiting Action at Tazmitch
    • Valerite got the blues
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Marstosos comic relief
    • Lemerle Fine Silk
    • Am Ch Mardigras Kiyara Different Drummer
    • Am Ch Lemerle French Silk
    • Ch Somanic Shangrilah
    • Heard the rumour at Kosado
    • Valerite the one and only
    • Valerite wears blue velvet
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch LemerleTravellin Lite
    • Freelands Fawn
    • ????
    • LemerleDelta Blues
    • Am Ch Lemerle Silk Court Jester
    • Am Ch MardiGras Kiyara that girl
    • Am Ch Lemerle Travellin Lite
    • Lemerle Elegance in silk
    • Montravia High Society
    • Roushkas Amazing Grace
    • Ch Roushkas Pacific
    • Ch Kossab Miss Magnificent at Kasado
    • Ch Bejohns Silver Lining
    • Valerite Legacy in Silver
    • Ch Twintops Conversation Piece
    • Valerite wild about Harrie