Owner : Gemthorne Australian Shepherd
Breed : Australian Shepherd
Birthdate : 30th March 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • MDR1 : Hereditary Clear - 15th February 2011

(Puddsey) is the latest addition to our household.
She spent her nights in a fish tank in the airing cuboard and her days in my sweatshirt pocket as I hand reared her from 3 days. Where I went she went and we both avoided the conversation about was she stopping or not.Puddsey had already made her mind up she knew who she had to convince. She followed Mike everywhere, he didnt seem to mind, when I woke him up every two hours making her bottle or when she would not eat dog food or anything with lumps in. Now shes bigger he dosnt seem to mind when he has to give her a bath as shes been playing in the drainage ditch or even when he wants his best shoes and theres only one where he left it.
Watch out for more pictues as she grows into a beautiful aussie.
Mikes first words every morning are always
Hello Little Girl.


  • Parents
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  • Great Grand Parents
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    • Accra Bays Bluff
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