Ambergold Guess He'll Do

Bertie at 7 months

Bertie at 7 months

Bertie at 15 1/2 weeks

Bertie at 15 1/2 weeks

Bertie at 15months

Bertie at 15months

Owner : Ambergold
Breed : Golden Retriever
Birthdate : 12th May 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

Bertie is our Katie daughter by Tenfield Commander in Chief JW. He is also our Wills grandson and therefore is very precious to us. He seems very bright,learning everything so quickly. He retrieves naturally and has an easy going placid nature.


Bertie has already started going to gundog classes and has made a nice start on the obedience and also retrieves. He is just so willing to please.

October 2012. Bertie embarked upon his 6 week bronze gundog course today at Lains shooting school. What a little gem he proved to be. A large class with many distractions but he concentrated for over an hour and did all he was asked to do perfectly. What more could one ask at 5 mths !


Bertie passed his Bronze Gundog Test with 'Distinction'. Such a delight to work with.

March 2013

Bertie passed his Silver Gundog Test with 'Merit' at still under 10 mths.
I think he needs a little time to mature before starting his gold so we shall take a break. Meanwhile I am starting the 'Gold' with my working cocker Willo.

July 2013

Bertie is developing into a really lovely dog with a beautiful head. We are delighted that he now has a HIP SCORE of 4-5, an ELBOW SCORE of 0-0, Clear eyes and both parents are GR PRA 1 and 2 CLEAR so he is also clear.

August 2013.

Bertie passed his 'Gold' gundog test with DISTINCTION
He also did his 'Silver' Good Citizens. We hope to do the gold in the autumn.
He is such an easy fun dog to work with.

2014. Bertie has had a busy year. He passed his Gold and Platinum gundog assessments with distinction and then took his Kennel Club working gundog certificate which he passed with ease

2014/15 Shooting Season. Bertie proved himself a natural worker with an excellent nose on his first full working season. He is fast and efficient. Apart from the joy of working him he is a lovely boy to live with, always full of the joys of spring!