Pat Alioth at Willakyme

Owner : Willakyme
Breed : Whippet
Birthdate : 10th August 2010
Colour : Red Fawn Black Mask

Rowdy is full of fun and has a lovely giving nature, always ready to have a game, full of the joys of life. He has been very lightly shown at open shows because he does not like traveling. This year he has been to a couple of shows and has been much improved we shall keep up the progress at open shows and possibly take him to a championship show later this year or 2013 as he is certainly catching peoples eye.


  • Parents
    • High Note Secret Wishmaster At Recall
    • Lost Love of Brookhaven
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Nevedith Kfa Kraka (JW)
    • Highnote Phoenix Doll
    • Bayard Knockando For Elleonia
    • Oakengate Roamany Girl of Brookhaven
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Fullerton Dream Mover
    • Ch Nuts In May of Nevedith
    • Royal Court Jester For Highnote
    • Roedeane Camomile
    • Ch Khabaray Single Malt At Dumbriton
    • Elleonia Little Madam
    • Goodie Twoshoes
    • Silkstone Betina Oakbark
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch NZ & Aust Ch Nevedith Rare Rogue
    • Silkstone Kiss of Fire
    • Ch NZ & Aust Ch Nevedith Rare Rogue
    • Pardee Parisienne Girl
    • Ch Nevedith Eefra Empra
    • Nevedith Yippy Yumyum
    • Nevedith Yippy Yuppy Of Loroli
    • Roedeane Kizzy
    • Ch Fawnbree Special Brew At Dumbriton
    • Hillsdown Aisling
    • Ch Fawnbree Special Brew At Dumbriton
    • Shyfire Dancer Of Elleonia
    • Ch Flarepath Eridon
    • Too Tone Girl
    • Silstone Secret Gold
    • Ch Silkstone Only A Dream