Wyldewyche Chanson De Neige of Melrakki

Our Jarvis

Our Jarvis

photo by: chanson

Owner : Melrakki Coton De Tulear
Breed : Coton De Tulear
Birthdate : 27th July 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Jarvis is the first dog we acquired in 2009 from the Wyldewyche Kennel and has become a dear part of our family. He is most definitely the boss of our tribe, but is very kind and gentle. He loves nothing better than to lie by the side of me on the settee and will certainly make his intentions clear as to what he want.

We have now retired Jarvis as our Stud dog, but he will continue to live with us as a family pet just enjoying life.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Uniquement De L'Echo Deselingues Atcotonkiss Fr & Int Ch
    • Cotonkiss Faberge
    • Fr Ch Cartoonland'S Vanupied
    • Cartoonland'S Antsirabe
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Shance De L'Echo Des Elingues Fr & Int Ch
    • Cartoonlands Riviera
    • Italian Ch Cotonbrie Pandizucchero at Cotonkiss
    • Cotonbrie Special Edition for Cotonkiss
    • Fci Int Ch Cartoonland'S Top Toon
    • Fr In Ch Cartoonland'S Out of Africa
    • Cartoonland'S Unchain My Heart
    • Cartoonland'S Naiade
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Reggae De L'Echo Des Elingues Fr & Int & World Ch
    • Loopytoon Oula Hoop
    • Monoi De L'Echo Des Elingues Fr & Int Ch
    • Cartoonlands Juvamine
    • Int Ch Rock and Roll of Woodland Cottage
    • Quelcome De L'Echo Des Elingues
    • Reggae De L'Echo Des Elingues Fr & Int & World Ch
    • Cotonbrie White Magic Angel It &Int & World Ch
    • Ollywood De La Chaumiere Du Lac
    • Cartoonland'S Organdi
    • Fci Int Port Span Ch Monoi De L'Echo Des Elingues
    • Cartoonland'S Juvamine
    • Fr Ch Cartoonland'S Jeronimo
    • Nosy Blue Plume Ll
    • Cartoonland'S Itoon
    • Cartoonland'S Juvamine