Mcqueen Grace



photo by: honeyshounds2012

Owner : honeyshounds
Breed : Weimaraner
Birthdate : 6th March 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Pet name Magic. I've only had Magic since October 2011 but she is proving to be a wonderful dog, she has a wonderful love and outlook on life and she is everyones best friend.
Magic and Mayhem are now best friends and get up to many naughty things together but they are both maturing nicely. I am hoping this year to try and find the thing Magic likes doing best, whether it be showing working or just a bed tester (the others will need to know how comfy they are lol) so we will wait and see.


  • Parents
    • Sweet Chinhchilla
    • Walksfar Sheikh
  • Grand Parents
    • Clystar Sea of Nectar
    • Bulphan Rose Finch
    • Wipfel Vaduz
    • Gunalt Lush
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Meltonmill Scotsgrey
    • Tigerbrook Apricot Amber
    • Hill Lane Marley
    • Bulphan Silver Model
    • Rockleyan Ringleader
    • Wipfel Miss Temptress
    • Gunalt Swage
    • Gunalt Lavish
  • Great Great Grand Parents