Sudalaw lush lashes with ansanda

Breed : Whippet
Birthdate : 18th September 2008

A beautiful girl with looks that reflect her lovely personality.
Easy to live with a pleasure to have around.
Enjoys running about on the beach, her day trips out showing and her many hours curled up asleep on the sofa.


  • Parents
    • CH elmanash major general
    • a hint of ginger at sudalaw
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • CH cobyco candyman
    • CH savilepark saucy shrimp of oakbark
    • CH peperone pyramid of spinneyhill
    • elmanash furiella
    • birkonbrae yours truly
    • Veredon Va Va Voom
    • CH rum punch of falconcrag
    • barnesmore pussy galore
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • hillsdown fergal
    • oakbark mistletoe and wine
    • CH oakbark masterplan
    • savilepark spickerty witch at sylbecq
    • CH CH oakbark mister wonderful
    • peperone piaffe
    • hillsdown fergal
    • montoya precious metal of elmanash
    • CH rum punch of falconcrag
    • birkonbrae truely fair
    • birkonbrae o'boy of hillsdown
    • Hillsdown Adorable of Elmlin
    • CH millwold gold dust to exhurst
    • silkstone isolda
    • CH IR CH barnesmore chirakawa
    • barnesmore gypsy queen