Stanmeister Von Liebe of Cuasachiall

Owner : CuasaChiall
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 26th November 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Sidheach is a loving and happy dog. she is awaiting health checks and HIp scoring which will be done when she reaches the appropriate age.

she loves play and will work for you from dawn till dusk.

she has been a super addition to the family and i am sure i will have many stories to share about her in the future.


  • Parents
    • Icemeads Levi Blue Jeans at Losiradream
    • Blau Prinzessin Maddy
  • Grand Parents
    • Aristima Special Edition at Mountsett
    • Rushlands True Blue at Icemead
    • Master Maximus
    • Aimee Louise
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Lorija Honaw at Aristima
    • Khanjar Keilor from Aristima
    • Blue Horizon at Rushlands
    • Rushlands Jazz Dancer
    • Ingasheim Jensen
    • Styrons Moody Sue
    • Fredrick James
    • Islesfield Millie
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Jukais Special Envoy of Lorija
    • Romantic Destiny of Lorija
    • Whisky Lad
    • Shaylar Sanara
    • Loboas Blue Jeans
    • Quicksilver Ver Moon
    • Smokey Blue Wanderer at Myter
    • Rushlands Natasha
    • IR CH Quarryvale Nero
    • Jayzoe Anka
    • Reneric Bronze Buccaneer at Chrisanbar
    • Little Missy
    • Milljohn Ulrich
    • Hannah Sophia
    • Ingasheim Jensen
    • Styrons Moody Sue