Brickin Touchline

Owner : Varenka Rottweilers
Breed : Norfolk Terrier
Birthdate : 29th October 2008

Bricken Touchline ( Rosie ) is an extremly well bred bitch, she is a great character and fun dog, loving and a great companion, She is part of our family ,mixes great with other dogs and has all the traits that a well bred Norfolk Terrier should have.


  • Parents
    • Brickin Smart Outlook
    • Brickin Stolen Glance
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Belleville Smart Alec
    • Allright Rough Diamond
    • Bricken Dun and Dusted
    • Bricken Mega Chic
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Bricken Get Smart
    • Belleville Born To Dance
    • Germ Ch Allright Charlie Chaplin
    • Germ FT Ch Allright Magic Tarragon
    • Ch Belleville Cloudvoyager
    • Ch Bricken Just For Me
    • Allright Big Game
    • Bricken Tittle Tattle
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Elve Roland Redleaf
    • Harrijen Ho Ty Toi Ty
    • Ch Belleville Premium Bond
    • Ch Pirouette at Belleville
    • Int Germ Fin & Am Ch Allright Charlie Brown
    • Allright Apple Charlotte
    • Int Fin Germ Dan Ch Allright Gimcrack
    • Germ Ft Ch Allright Magic Pearl
    • Ch Jaeva Night Hawk
    • Ch Belleville Cloudscape
    • Ch Salette Gold Bullion
    • Bricken Really Smart
    • Int Fin Germ Ch Allright Gimcrack
    • Germ Ft Ch & Dan Ch Allright Coconut
    • Ch Jaeva Chip Butty
    • Harrijen Ho Ty Toi Ty