Hespa Hasina of Mwani

Owner : MWANI
Breed : Rhodesian Ridgeback
Birthdate : 21st March 2000
Health Tested

Health Tests

Kizzi came to live with us as an eight week old puppy. She quickly became a valued member of the family and a great friends with Sabre.


  • Parents
    • Ch Vizara Shemesh of Shabani
    • Ch Hespa Huenda
  • Grand Parents
    • Dut Ch/Int Ch Vumba
    • Fr Ch Kore-Chirembo Beni's Ridges
    • Mangwe Hintza of Hespa
    • Hespa Sabie
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Nduna Nxumalo Vir Die Simba Safari
    • Glenaholm Roan
    • Isr It Int Ch Johokwe Gold-Zeus
    • Sophie Beit Lucka
    • Ch Eilack Shimoni
    • Ch Mangwe Oyera
    • Ch Ulundi Ushumba of Eilack
    • Wolfridge Africa
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Mersea Sark
    • Footpath Faun
    • Rockybarrit
    • Glenaholm Bryna
    • Ger Dut Int Ch Famous Chaka Makaranga
    • Juba Delle Cime-Bianche
    • Ch Mushana Mercury
    • Roda Ridgebar
    • Ch Ulundi Ushumba of Eilack
    • Mtandi of Eilack
    • Rekaylahn Dzingane Mangwe
    • Kinza High Society
    • SA Ch Shangara's Checheni
    • Hawarden Clarissa of Ulundi
    • Morbay Witchdoctor
    • Rafters Rose of Wolfridge