Beiderbecks Midnite Memory JW



Breed : Rottweiler
31st January 2002 - 1st October 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

Beiderbecks Midnite Memory JW 2 RCC - Kenny has an excellent temperament which he is already passing on to his offspring. He is a medium sized dog with excellent bone and substance, correct working coat and lovely dark pigmentation. Not only is he producing typy puppies who are winning in the show ring but also with the ability to work well in the obedience ring.

1st October 2012 was a day I was dreading, we had to say goodbye to our lovely Kenny. He had such a huge personality, so happy and loved life to the full. Run free at Rainbow Bridge "Stig" We miss you so much xx


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • CH Svedala The Scandinvian
    • Hanbar Marja of Schutzer
    • CH Pendley Winston
    • CH Pendley Bertha
    • CH Upend Gallent Theodoric
    • Aucenta Midnite Elite
    • Elko Von Graf Babo at Gamegards
    • Gamegards the Hitch Hiker
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Caprido Strolling Player
    • Anka of Kentene in Svedala
    • CH Poirot Wham
    • Hanbar Foxy Lady
    • Pendley Jacob of Charldane
    • Pendley Gudrun
    • Pendley Sunshine Boy
    • CH Pendley Jasmin
    • CH Caprido Minstrel of Potterspride
    • Upend Gay Jenny CDEX
    • CH Pendley Goldfinch
    • Aucenta Midnite Ikara
    • Max Von Doracher Tobel SCH III
    • Assi Von Graf Babo SCH III
    • Gamegards Protector
    • Gamegards Vita