CH Beiderbecks Reason to Dream



Breed : Rottweiler
12th May 1998 - 1st May 2008
Health Tested

Health Tests

Albert was a worthy Champion with 8 CC and 3 RCC. He also has 6 BOB with 2 G2, 2 G4, a RBIS and 2 BIS at Breed Club Championship Shows. He was graded Character Tested Excellent by the Rottweiler Club. He produced typy puppies with excellent bone, substance and outgoing temperaments. To have owned such a dog was a dream.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • CH Fantasa Ultra Violet
    • CH Cuidado Dizzi Miss Lizzi
    • CH Aucenta Midnite Fireaway
    • Chantilly Lace of Travillon
    • CH Upend Gallant Theodoric
    • Aucenta Midnite Elite
    • Elko Von Graf Babo at Gamegards
    • Gamegards the Hitch Hiker
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH Pendley Winston
    • CH Fantasa Red Riding Hood
    • CH Cuidado The Ladies Man
    • CH Keyhole Kate at Cuidado
    • CH Upend Gallant Theodoric
    • Aucenta Midnite Elite
    • CH Ranelow Black Warrior
    • Chesara Dark Hunters Dream
    • CH Caprido Minstral of Potterspride
    • Upend Gay Jenny
    • CH Pendley Goldfinch
    • Aucenta Midnite Ikara
    • Max Von Doracher Tobel SCH III
    • Assi Von Graf Babo SCH II
    • Gamegards Protector
    • Gamegards Vita