Vanhuel Vagabond



photo by: Kalika

Owner : Kalika
Breed : Dogue De Bordeaux
8th November 2005 - 27th January 2011

Vanhuel Vagabond ( Diesel )
We sadly lost you on 27th Jan 2011....R.I.P Our special boy xx
You are the very reason we love the breed so much and believe so strongly that the breed should have all their health tests BEFORE breeding.
We will ALWAYS love you Diesel, you will always be with us xx


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Young Arnold
    • Jenny Fair De L'Etang De Mirloup
    • King V.D Bargefenne
    • Regal Rolex
    • Rogueish Romeo
    • Laruscades Namesake
    • Kenyee Jay
    • Dordogne Nonosse
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • G'Manolito De La Seigneurie Des Chartrons
    • Kenyee Deon
    • Hertz Du Domaine De L'Offlarde
    • Elari
    • Eros ll De L'Etang De Mirloup
    • Dee-Dee V.D Bargefenne
    • Chartrons
    • Evelien V.D Bargefenne
    • Luke V.D Bargefene
    • Kenyee Ruby
    • Tankajd Szepe Karo
    • Tankajd Szepe Detti
    • King V.D Bargefenne
    • Firebird Flame
    • Kenyee World Cup Fever
    • Laruscades Nanar at Brandoux