Monksley Becca

Monksley Becca

Monksley Becca

photo by: Ann Swift

Kesyra Ekko

Kesyra Ekko

photo by: Kesyra

Breeder : MONKSLEY
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 3rd November 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Maisie, as you can see is beautiful. She has an excellent temperament and is 100% with children and other animals. She is confident yet gentle.
She is very intelligent, sweet and great company. She is as happy out and about all day or sat on the sofa watching Tv with the children.

She has an excellent quality coat and is a rich dark sable. She is a large but pritty female.

I am very proud to have breed and owned her and 6 generations before her. I still have her mother, grand-mother and great great grand mother

Maisie is a daughter of Kesyra Ekko. He is a large substantial, masculine dog, with a calm and confident character.
He has good bone and a lovely quality coat. Maisie get her colour from him.

By the age of 9 years ( in October 2010) Ekko has had at least 26 of his progeny hip scored and their average was 10.0. He has had 9 progeny with elbow scores of 0 and 2 of 1. This in its self it a credit to him.

Maisie and her future progeny is a large part of the bright future at Monksley


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Enzo V Schornfelsen
    • Mira V Isidora
    • Xalu V Batu
    • Ch. Antilli Nathalie
    • Celo Angel Delight
    • Connie vom Bekin
    • Mentos vom Huhnegrab
    • Monksley Georgie
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Nero V Hirchel (Ch)
    • Xanthi V Schornfelsen
    • Ulk V Arlett (Ch)
    • Innes V Romerbrunnen
    • Yassko Vd Roten Matter
    • Kimba V Lechntal
    • Karakul Karlova
    • Lerose Becky at Janshar
    • Vantor von Batu
    • Uganda vow Bad Boll
    • Neptun von Bad Boll
    • Laura vom Drei Birkenwinger
    • Erasmus van Noort
    • Betty von Huhnegrab
    • Copybush Declan
    • Monksley Alli