Astraea of Sereno Spirit

Breed : White Swiss Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 4th March 2011


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Multi Ch Dragon La Blankpapilio
    • Dt Ch Ivaine-Tabea of Beautiful White
    • Multi Ch. Ice Cool of Haely'S Future
    • Ch Gib Horsebo Reneassance
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Banshee Boy Vom Hause Zenz
    • Ch. Apolena U PanáKa
    • Cain Von Schloß Luppenau
    • Debbie-Princess of Beautiful White
    • Ch. Moonshine Miraja
    • Ch. Leeslee of Haely'S Future
    • Multi Ch. Nice of You To Come Bye Mojo
    • Multi Ch. Enjoy of White Sunshine
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. African Jambo From Old Vienna
    • Melory of White Condor
    • Falco Z VrcháNova
    • Heathy Od Li&154;KutíNky
    • Bha-Jar Condor Von Bieselsberg
    • Brisca Von Schloß Luppenau
    • Nat Ch. Estavan-Jack of The Holy White
    • Cinderella of White Angel
    • Ch. X-Dream Amaroq of White Mountain Austria
    • Holy-Anne Z Vesely Rodiny
    • Ice-Boy Von Sutumer Grund
    • Lee Von Sutumer Grund
    • Nice Loek of The Heart of Lothian
    • Dolores of Martin'S Roseville
    • Slo Ch. Morgan Von Diamond
    • Inka Vom Werntal