Oakhouse Second Time around At Meadowline

My beautiful Hannah age nearly 10.

My beautiful Hannah age nearly 10.

Owner : Meadowline
Breed : Labrador Retriever
29th March 1995 - 13th September 2008
Health Tested

Health Tests

The start of it all is Hannah and I feel she must have her picture here as she was the most precious thing in my life.Hannah passed her true gentle temperament on in all her children. My thanks to Margaret cannot be expressed enough for letting her come to live with us .She was loved and cherished.(even though she wouldl not move off the bed when I was trying to get in )
Hannah can now sleep on the big bed in the sky with her best friends Beth and Jenny. Sleep tight and sweet dreams my lovely girls. You are all thought of every day with so much love. I Miss you all so so much that sometimes its just unbearable. .


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