Time Traveller to Tolkain

Owner : Tolkain
Breed : Dalmatian
Birthdate : 12th July 2005

Inca is a six year old bitch, she is well bahaved , loves a cuddle,playing ball and going for walks. She is black spotted, won her class at Crufts in 2010 has her stud book number and looks the part in the showring


  • Parents
    • Phaeland Phiddling Phuture
    • Tumbril Texastar
  • Grand Parents
    • CH Tommy Brock
    • Phaeland Phiddling Phyllis
    • Salsusa Astar Playa
    • CH Tumbril Texasrose
  • Great Grand Parents
    • CH Salsusa Black Jack
    • Winsome Whatsername
    • Phaeland Phiddlers Print
    • Dalmark the Rambling Rose
    • CH Theakstone Tamerlan
    • CH Olympic Star of Olbero
    • Washakie Texas Ranger
    • Buffrey Bellena
  • Great Great Grand Parents