Tolbris Pocket Rocket at Pincotts

Owner : Pincott
Breed : Miniature Poodle
Birthdate : 3rd July 2007

Dazzle is a silver miniture poodle
she had a and mild temprament aswell as a clam and easy going nature


  • Parents
    • Celest Mystery Man at Pincott
    • Jaytor Molmik Ice Cool at Tolbris
  • Grand Parents
    • Award Mr Pipp
    • Celest Naughty Smart
    • Jaytor Heatwave
    • Jaytor Molmik Martini
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Award's Silver Razzle Dazzle
    • Award's Blowing in the Wind
    • Pearls Naughty by Nature
    • Dennmarck Dacun Argenti
    • Jaytor High Hopes
    • Wayward Snow 'N Ice of Jaytor
    • Jaytor Campari
    • Wavir Valcopy Miss Virginia at Jaytor
  • Great Great Grand Parents