Sh Ch Kulawand In No One's Shadow JW

Breed : Flat Coated Retriever
Birthdate : 1st October 2008
Health Tested

Health Tests


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • INTUCH NORDUCH Toffedreams Micmac Pow-Pow
    • Huntermoon Female Intuition
    • SU(U)CH NUCH NV-03 Almanza Far And Flyg
    • SVCH SU(U)CH NUCH NV-04 Almanza Glossy Amethyst
  • Great Grand Parents
    • SUCH NUCH Comics Indian Crow
    • SV-00 FINV-01 NORDUCH INTUCH Toffedreams Stairway To Heaven
    • Calzeat Center of Attention
    • Huntermoon Merlot
    • NORDUCH FINUCH FINV-02 INTUCH Inkwells Named Shadow
    • NUCH Almanza Mitt I Prick
    • INTUCH NV-91 SV-90-91-93 NORDUCH FINUCH Almanza Larry O'Grad
    • Almanza Diamante D'Alsace
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • INTUCH NV-91 SV-90-91-93 NORDUCH FINUCH Almanza Larry O'Grad
    • Comics Cinderella
    • NUCH FINUCH Comics Acapulco
    • SUCH FINUCH INTUCH O'Flanagan Imposant
    • NUCH GBCH Cariena's Thirtyfour-Four
    • Calzeat Isabella of Lancaster
    • WW-02 NV-02 NORDUCH Almanza Roundabout
    • SUCH NUCH INTUCH Huntermoon Dressed In Copper
    • Black Mica's A Mixed Recipe
    • SUCH NUCH INTUCH Inkwells Beretta Mobilchoke
    • Almanza Frack I Frack
    • NORDUCH INTUCH Almanza Release Your Fantasy
    • Gunhills Ear of Esophagus
    • Scarlet-O'Hara
    • FRCH LUXCH SUCH INTUCH Branchalwood Lochdubh
    • SUCH FINUCH INTUCH Almanza Shine So Bright