Akura Exclusive

Owner : Akura
Breed : Great Dane
Birthdate : 8th October 2008
Colour : Harlequin

Cruz is a proven sire of Quality pups. He has a temperament to die for, and has passed that on to his children. He is offered at stud to approved bitches only.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Hotpoint Regal Blue touch of Vanmore
    • Dornoir DEctere JW
    • CH Arnold V'T Buitengebeuren
    • Leamap Fantasia
    • Allours Amon
    • Ebonory Aphrodites Love
    • Jack V'T Oenselerheem
    • Ebonory Creme de la Creme
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Kingsize Wanton Blue Warden
    • Nor CH Hotpoints we go Blue
    • Omaloors Blueprint
    • Dornoir Sacre Bleu
    • Saphire V'T Buitengebeuren
    • Justin Time V'T Buitengebueren
    • CH Endroma Leopold
    • Leamap Misty Morning
    • Nathan RekenerHarlekin of Allours
    • Allours Roxanne
    • Khunrath Cl;aude
    • Batworth Moen
    • Vitus Het Wasse Hof
    • Zitta V'T Oenselerheem
    • Allours Amon
    • Ebonory Aphrodites Love