SH CH Gladrags Captain Morgan of Fleetpaw

Owner : Fleetpaw
Breed : Curly Coated Retriever
Birthdate : 30th August 2008
Health Tested

Health Tests

Morgan is a fantastic boy, who really enjoys the show ring. He has recently gained his 3rd CC making him a Show Champion

He currently has 3CC and 1RCC.

Just epitomised all the desirable characteristics & type of this oldest of the Retriever breeds & a multi-purpose gundog. Strength with elegance & such a steady self confident temperament. Grand clean balanced head, neat ears, gentle intelligent expression, strong clean arched neck into firm topline, good length & angulation of blade & upper arm, straight front. Well ribbed, length, depth & spring, enough forechest (lacking in so many), strong loin & quarters, good tailset & carriage, coat curl & texture.
Meriel E Hathaway Judge
Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show May 2011


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