Qualcroft Acrasia at Clynalwin

Qualcroft Acrasia at Clynalwin

Qualcroft Acrasia at Clynalwin

photo by: Clynalwin

Breed : German Shepherd Dog
29th April 2004 - 4th October 2015
Health Tested

Health Tests

Qualcroft Acrasia at Clynalwin

HIPS 4:4 (excellent)
ELBOWS 0:0 (excellent)

DNA Profilied (UK Kennel Club)

K is awared 2 places at Crufts 2006, 4th in Special Yearling class and 1st in The Kennel Club Good Citizan Class. Showing not only Beauty, but also brains as well !

'K' is the foundation female of the Clynalwin Kennel. From top German Blood lines, she has been bred with Brains -Temperament and Quality in mind.

**********June 2005 'K' has passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze test*******************


  • Parents
    • Hero vom Wiesenborn
    • Astana Seffe at Qualcroft
  • Grand Parents
    • Wallace aus Agrigento
    • Senta vom Wiesenborn
    • Yello vom haus Schwerzel
    • Pallendon Kristal at Astana
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Scott vom Deodatus
    • Gusta aus Agrigento
    • Max Della Loggia Dei mercanti
    • Akuma vom Wiesenborn
    • Hero vom Hirchel
    • Wolga von der Wienerau
    • Zito von der Noriswand
    • Iris vom Reinback
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Gustl vom Wildsteigerland
    • Kenti vom Farbenspiel
    • Kimon v Dan Alhedys Hoeve
    • Yolli vom Kreuzbaum
    • Visum von Arminius
    • Luna Dell Isola Dei Baroni
    • Sieger Lasso vom Neuen Berg
    • Vanta vom Wiesenborn
    • Zamb von der Wienerau
    • Ica vom haus Reiterland
    • Jello von her Wienerau
    • Vanta von der Wienerau
    • Jeck vom Noricum
    • Renni vom Fliederbusch
    • Fanto vom Hirschel
    • Esther vom Reinbach