Glenturret Limted Edition

Blue  in the heather 31.07.07

Blue in the heather 31.07.07

photo by: Andrew Durrant

Terri and Blue Winning at URC

Terri and Blue Winning at URC

photo by: M Nerelius

Owner : Glenturret
Breed : Flat Coated Retriever
25th May 2004 - 18th September 2007

Elbows test score 0

blue has done well in the show ring this year,plus andrew is trraining on her on the working side too.

she much the clown of the family she make us laugh with her funny ways.every much like her dad in tempermant very laid back and easy going,

sadly blue was pts on sept 18th,
she just gain her stud book number which was all i wanted to do in 2007 with her she can run free over the rainbrow bridge with teyha and wispa, god bless,


  • Parents
    • AM CH & CAN CH & SWED CH comics catman dooley JH.WC1cc 1rcc.
    • Verdant wispa
  • Grand Parents
    • Flat tyres worth waithing for
    • Fin,Nord,int,ch comics blue charm
    • fossdyke bronze justine
    • hebberdens black mole of verdant
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Berena,s moon dancer
    • Tjh,Swed ch Flat tyres goldmine
    • Swed ch Almanza larry o,grady
    • Comics Cinderella
    • Fenstorm Indi
    • ch Paddiswood Burnt Lobelia
    • ch Ambercroft Black of Belsud
    • Belsud Copper Beech
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Swed ch Black Bowie
    • Berena,s Black Surprise
    • Fossdyke Flamboyant
    • Swed ch o,Flanagan Velvert Goldmine
    • Hunhills Ear of Esophagus
    • Scarlet-o-Hara
    • Comics Thunderball
    • Comics my way
    • ch Wizardwood Tawny Pheasant
    • Bramatha Tic A Tind by Fenstrom
    • wizardwood Tawny Owl
    • Heronflight Burnt Sugar of Paddiswood
    • ch Belsud Capercaillie
    • Ambleston Azalea
    • ch Belsud Capercaillie
    • Woodburn Shadow