photo by: Fiona Campbell

Owner : Corriegarth Flat Coated Retrievers
Breed : Flat Coated Retriever
Birthdate : 19th April 2007
Health Tested

Health Tests

Keira loves to go for long walks and likes to get the tennis ball before her friend Isla and her daughter Ceilidh.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Shiredale Lord of the Rings
    • Rainy Day and Sundays
    • Sh. Ch. Gayplume Dream-Maker
    • Sh. Ch. Braidwynn Blue Bayou
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Cleovine Tresillion
    • Wizardwood Mist on the Water over Shiredale
    • Riversflight Neath of Beanit JW
    • Kentee Innes
    • Sh. Ch. Kenjo Blackmark
    • Sh. Ch. Gayplume Dixie
    • Ch. Braidwynn Bonnie Lad
    • Braidwynn Briony
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sh. Ch. Braemist Fire Falcon
    • Ch. Shargleam Wood Sorrel
    • Sh. Ch. Shiredale Magic and Mystery at Wistosa
    • Ch. Wizardwood Water Witch
    • Ch. Tom Thumb
    • Ch. Riversflight Inny
    • Riversflight Juba
    • Torwood Bizzie Bee
    • Ch. Falswift Apparition
    • Kenjo Black Hyacinth
    • Ch. Candease a Hard Days Night
    • Ch. Gayplume Pirouette
    • Ch. Pendlewych Puma
    • Fossdyke Cascade of Braidwynn
    • Pendlewych Penguin
    • Fossdyke Cascade of Braidwynn