Lissie 16 months

Lissie 16 months

photo by: Cath Lewis

Lissie at 8 Weeks

Lissie at 8 Weeks

photo by: Debbie Thomas

Loopy Lissie with her

Loopy Lissie with her "brother" Sam

photo by: J. Tyrell

Owner : Staxonoby
Breed : Bullmastiff
6th July 2010 - 2nd November 2016
Health Tested

Health Tests

Sadly my Queen left for the bridge, we had a few months to say goodbye and to spoil her rotten. Lissie passed away peacefully with her mummy by her side.
I will never forget all she has given me, so many wonderful memories, her amazing daughter, the boxer puppies she gave life to and the hundreds of rescue dogs she has helped rehabilitate and move on to their new homes.
Lissie was a huge character in our home, her lack of presence is felt at every moment. We all miss her terribly, but we stay grateful for 6 wonderful happy years that we had, we just wish we were blessed with more of them. She lives on through her remaining brother and her daughter. She will have had CatDog Aflie, her mum, dad, brothers and also her rescue friends waiting for her at the bridge.
Until we meet again Lissie Lou Lou. Forever in my heart.

Lissie has now finished showing...although we may just bring her out for veteran in a few years!! She is Sister to our boy Ozzie, Heriol Tickets please. Lissie has had a good show career, consistently placed at open and Champ show level. She has taken BOB and BP under breed specialists. She also took 3rd in Limit Bitch at Crufts 2012. Lissie is very strong in head and moves like a dream, very much fit for function!! She is top of standard for a bitch and has a fantastic temperament if a little naughty, she loves to steal things which are not hers but makes a claim that they are now! She is very much the Diva, its her way or none at all. She is always to be found perched on the end of a sofa or more so the end of the bed! My Queen was a fabulous mother to her daughter Drina and also foster mummy to a litter of Rescue boxer puppies that she reared as her own. This girl is the beginning of Staxonoby and we will be forever thankful to the Heriol Kennel for trusting us to keep this gorgeous girl happy and safe and to love her unconditionally. Lissie's line speaks for itself, she is from a line of long living dogs that scream breed type. Lissie Lou way not be everyone's cup of tea to look at but you cannot deny her fitness and movement. She is the dog you can walk for 10 miles and not come home panting. This for me is paramount in any breeding dogs.

Lissie's hip scores results 6/4 and heart tested CLEAR
UPDATE - Lissie's thyroid results have come back - within normal range. Excellent news.

Lissie has a COI of 9.2%

** At the Bullmastiff Association champ Show Lissie takes 3rd in Limit Bitch at just 16 months old**

*** Lissie qualifies for Crufts 2013 at the first Show of 2012 - Manchester Champ show***

***Lissie takes 3rd in Limit Bitch at Crufts 2012***

************ Lissie takes Reserve Best Bitch at Leeds Champ Show after a break from the ring of 3 months***************


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Tornetto Vom Frankental (Imp che)
    • Int & Swiss Ch Frankentals Lady
    • Ch Oakridge Mega Watt
    • Ch Bellaragazza
    • Ch Tornetto Vom Frankental (Imp Che)
    • Int & Swiss Ch Frankentals Lady
    • Evenstar Va Va Vroom Avec Dajoxx
    • Judamar Boo Boo at Dajoxx JW
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Lux Ch Hurricane Vom Frankental
    • Lux Swed Ch Lady Face Frankental
    • Multi Ch Frankentals Lucky Star
    • Frankentals Lady May
    • Ch Dox Burnham Up
    • Ch Oakridge Carbon Cop Of Kilroy
    • Ch Canas Cowboy Rusty
    • Iarda De Agafa L'ase
    • Lux Ch Hurricane Vom Frankental
    • Lux Swed Ch Lady Face Frankental
    • Multi Ch Frankentals Lucky Star
    • Frankentals Lady May
    • Ch Brinscall Huckleberry at Evenstar
    • Brinscall Aurora at Evenstar
    • Ch Bulcasimir The Greenkeeper
    • Ch Bulcasimir Sweet Savannah of Judamar