Staneberne Misty Morning



photo by: Staneberne Newfoundlands

Owner : Staneberne
Breed : Cocker Spaniel
Birthdate : 11th June 2008

Maisie is a home bred blue roan from working x show background. She has a wonderful nature, very friendly and happy around people and other dogs (especially Newfoundlands)
She has been an excellent mother to her pups and raised them well. As she had to have a cesarean she will not be bred from again, we love her to much.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz
    • Coastline Girft Rose
    • Shard Of Gold At Talkintarn
    • Talkintarn Aphrodite
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Stocdale Dragon's Sonata
    • Ch Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz
    • Benchmark Bestseller
    • Coastline Easy Lover
    • Rosetop Teddy
    • Flavour Lady
    • Kenmillto Dale Of Talkintarn
    • Talkintarn Cleopatra
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Port Ch Lynwater Tiger Moth
    • Lulu's Back In Town From Duntarvie
    • Germ, Dan Ch Ramiro Vom Rauhen Holz
    • Ilonka Vom Rauhen Holz
    • Benchmark Ultima Thule
    • Sam-zu Blitie Complete
    • Windgrove Illusion
    • Coastline Cherry Blossom
    • Master Mythical Sprite
    • Miss Roses High
    • Super Rocky Star
    • Dusky Dreamer
    • Jamie's Dreamboy
    • Northsceugh Gwyn
    • Parkbreck Cole Of Talkintarn
    • Talkintarn Miss Muffet