Rayjen Tiramisu

Owner : Rayjen Great Danes
Breed : Miniature Pinscher
Birthdate : 21st March 2011


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Impala of the South
    • Telidor Treasure
    • Ch Telidor in Temp with Hawksflight
    • Ch Hawksflight in the Pink at Impala
    • Ch Lotsmoor Pin Number forTrueguard
    • Torpin Gentle Girl at Impala
    • Ch Vardenais Moon Mariner
    • Dimogen Equal Bliss from Torilea
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Lotsmoor Pin Number for trueguard
    • Torpin Gentle Girl at Impala
    • Ch Mista Magician via Telidor
    • Ch Kari Oki via Telidor
    • Ch Telidor Trumps at Gwynsias
    • Moonstyle at Gwynsias
    • Ch Impala Angel of the South
    • Ch Viva Forever st Hawksflight
    • Ch Lotsmoor Pin Tin TIn Reeberrich
    • Roushkaas Fire Bird with Lotsmoor
    • Ch Torpin Christmas Cracker
    • Ch Torpin Fanstasic Maid
    • Ch Vardenais Crescent Moon
    • Kilmuir First Edition for Vardenais
    • Ch Telidor Twister at Gwynsias
    • Torilea True Bliss