Camberwick Neverforever

Owner : Balnaid
Breed : Bearded Collie
Birthdate : 14th February 2005


  • Parents
    • CH BEL CH Snowmead sans Faute
    • Bushblades Sound on a Song with Camberwick JW
  • Grand Parents
    • Snowmead Senator
    • CH J'Aime de Chester at Snowmead (IMP)
    • CH Camberwick Song of Solomon
    • CH Bushblades Sight and Sound
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Potterdale Politician
    • CH Desborough Dulcinea of Snowmead
    • Snowmead Superstition
    • FCI INT FR CH Empreinte de Gouth-Noire
    • Chriscaro Karloff
    • CH Heighinglea Heather at Camberwick
    • CH Potterdale Conclusion
    • Orora's Marcasite at Bushblades
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH Potterdale Philosopher
    • CH Potterdale Persuasion
    • CH AM & CAN CH Sammara Standing Ovation
    • CH Shilstone Minuet of Desborough
    • CH Potterdale Philosopher
    • CH Desborough Dulcinea of Snowmead
    • CH NED CH DAN CH Cameron Brig Pure of Debora's Farm
    • Day Cook de Gouth-Noire
    • CH Potterdale Conclusion
    • CH Chriscaro's Chianti
    • CH Orora's Laughing Water
    • Rokeland Hipocreane of Heighinglea
    • Potterdale Anderson at Ramsgrove
    • CH Blumberg Hariana at Potterdale
    • Moonhill's Classic Eclipse at Orora
    • CH Chriscaro Chrystal at Orora