Corneroak Izzys Golden Girl



Owner : Corneroak
Breed : Golden Retriever
17th May 2003 - 22nd March 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

Izzi was a gentle, loving golden who really didn't have a bad bone in her body. She enjoyed life to the full and was a wonderful mother to her 2 litters of lovely puppies. I still really miss my lovely girl but am so lucky to have Izzi's grand-daughter Hermione who is following in Izzi's footsteps to be an exceptional golden retriever


  • Parents
    • Kulawand Nordic Venture
    • Hannahs Honestyof Corneroak
  • Grand Parents
    • Stenbury Water Friendship
    • Kuawand Royal Masquarade
    • Sh Ch Kulawand Summer Magic
    • Kenzed Spice
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Stenbury Water Woodlard
    • Stenbury Water Music
    • Sh Ch Bramhill Pied Piper at Almeroak
    • Kullawand Classic
    • Stenbury Water Friendship
    • Kulawand San Pepper
    • ortonwood Aquarious of Hayjoy
    • Miss Charming
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Bramhills Hero
    • Stenbury Water Willow
    • Stenbury Sea Laird of Glengilde
    • Stenbury Sea o Magic
    • Sh Ch Stirchley Saxon
    • Bramhills Briar Rose
    • Stenbury Sea Laird of Glengilde
    • Kulawand Sankatrina
    • Stenbury Water Woodlark
    • Stenbury Water Music
    • Nor Ch Kulawand Rainbow Man
    • Kulawand Classic
    • Sh Ch Amirene Pacifique
    • Elswood Katrine of Nortonwood
    • Sh Ch Kulawand Celtic Sun
    • Style Saxifago