Morganlefay Lady of the Lake

morgan in junior bitch

morgan in junior bitch

photo by: Miss J Bowdery

Owner : Morganlefay
Breed : Mastiff
Birthdate : 5th September 2002
Health Tested

Health Tests

Morgan was born 5th September 2002, she is 29 inchs to her shoulders and weighs 15 stone.

Morgan is a bit of a joker, and has never understood what she can and cannot do in
show ring, but she has had several 1st

Hip Score:- Left 4 : Right 7 = Total 11
DNA Profiled on 28.04.2003


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Moorgrove Clint of Gildasan
    • Elisgrai the Lioness
    • Lord Giles from Morganlefay
    • Lady Violet from Morganlefay
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Coinmor Slainte
    • Gildasan Crystral Spirit
    • Bredwardine Brynhylog
    • Fair Breeze at Elisgrai
    • Lefarm Morgan at Quixhill
    • Swains Susan
    • Kizcath Murray Numero Uno
    • Spicey Lady
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Brookview Nick Nicklebee of Glynpedr
    • Dark Krystal at Coinmor
    • Gildasan Bobby Dazzleler
    • Gildasan Polly Cinders
    • Ch Bredwardine Brongest
    • Ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd of Bredwardine
    • Bournewood Crusader
    • Oastleigh Lovely Lucy
    • Galbren Golden Fancy of Masnou
    • Leyfarm Lady Zazu
    • Ch Trevabyn Black Ice
    • Empress Julie
    • Big Boss Man
    • Jewel of Spalding
    • Coopell Grand Lad
    • Grand Lass