Sh Ch Sireva Jigsaw

Sireva Jigsaw

Sireva Jigsaw

photo by: Rayner

Owner : Sireva
Breed : Weimaraner
20th October 2000 - 28th June 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Desmond won his 3rd CC at Darlington 04 to become a Show Champion.
He has an excellent temperament, very friendly and playful.
He has produced a couple of nice litters including Sireva Busy Call Back Later (1 CC, 2RCC's).


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Sireva Rainstorm at Hepton
    • Sireva Just Misbehaving
    • Sireva Saufen
    • Sh Ch/ Ir Sh Ch Sireva Phancue
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Roxberg Rainmaker
    • Ch Carenage Pizazz at Sireva
    • Hillside Sultan of RA
    • Just Jasmine around Sireva
    • Khamsynn Cardinal Synn
    • Sireva Engagement Ring
    • Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub
    • Sh Ch Sireva Silk
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Wipfel Vagabond Of Horndon
    • Sporting SIlver Saga
    • Khamsynn Cardinal Synn
    • Sireva Strange Equity
    • Roxberg's Kharashaan at Penniment
    • Penniment Priscalla
    • Sh Ch Sireva Sackadallion with Lowerdon
    • Philomela Theta of Sireva
    • Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub
    • Forever Amber
    • Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub
    • Sh Ch Sireva Saphire
    • Am Ch & NZ Ch Nani's Totally Awesome
    • Lusco's Foreign Affair of Flimmoric
    • Sh Ch Kisdons Fagan of Sireva
    • Sh Ch Benpark Strange Magic of Sireva