Abbeybrook Push The Button At Anjajo



photo by: Fidanza Basset Hounds

Owner : Fidanza Basset Hounds
Breed : Basset Hound
16th August 2006 - 3rd May 2011
Health Tested

Health Tests

Sadly taken by Bloat.

RIP Sweetheart, run free at the Bridge.


  • Parents
    • Siouxline Joseph
    • Abbeybrook Wishing On A Star
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Champion Morkebergs It's Now Or Never At Balmacara
    • Bassbarr Lydia Languish At Dereheath
    • Barratini Ambassador To Siouxline
    • Champion Suzanna Of Siouxline
    • Barrenger Double Demon
    • Silver Ghost
    • Siouxline Joseph
    • Moragden Mariella By Siouxline
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • DK/S/US Champion Scheels Excalibur
    • DK Champion Morkebergs Ophelia
    • Bassbarr Defence Counsel
    • Malrich Lady In Red
    • Champion White Gold Of Andyne
    • Brandydale Evita
    • Siouxline Reuben
    • Bassmass Right As Rain
    • Ch Ir Champion Barrenger Demon King
    • Champion Devils Snuff Box
    • Albanium Bellman
    • Maghefeld Candide
    • Dereheath Jailhouse Rock Around Siouxline
    • Champion Siouxline Daniella
    • Dereheath Jailhouse Rock Around Siouxline
    • Moragden Melody