Vitalpara's Blue Boy

Vitalpara's Blue Boy

Vitalpara's Blue Boy

photo by: vitalpara

photo by: Vitalpara

photo by: Vitalpara

Owner : Vitalpara
Breed : Rottweiler
Birthdate : 30th November 2010
Colour : Black & Tan
Health Tested

Health Tests

Vitalpara's Blue Boy

Ben is a fantastic companion with an infectious personality and gentle temperament.
He has had many wins in the show ring over the last couple of years getting placed well at both Open and Championship shows.
Ben really enjoys being in the ring (most of the time) as he loves being the centre of attention.
He has qualified for Crufts every year and was placed in his class at Crufts 2013.
At home Ben is a very playful, happy dog and spends most of his time playing with the two family cats.

Hip Score: 8/4 7th November 2013.

Health tested bitches only.

Crufts 2013
Graduate Dog
3. Broad dry head, deep muzzle, good eye shape, scissor bite with full dentition, good length of neck, good lay back of shoulder, I would prefer less length of back, good bone, good feet, good tailset, moved soundly.

SKC May 2013
Post Graduate Dog
2. Smart outline on this lad, he has the head and neck with a good profile and balance, I liked the expression, he has the eye and ear, needs to tighten on front action but impresses on side gait.

Working and Pastoral of Scotland 2012
Yearling Dog
1. Just starting to mature. Dry head good width of skull, well set eyes and ears. Correct length of neck, level topline, good depth of brisket and forechest developing. Would prefer better layback of shoulder. In good coat and condition. Won this class on his movement.

SKC May 2012
Junior Dog
2. 17 months, pleasing head and expression, correct mouth, dark eyes, neat well set ears, correct coat markings, a little too dark, strong clean neck, good front, well laid shoulders, straight well boned legs, feet could be better, good top and bottom lines, nice hindquarters, didn't move as well as winner.


Livingston June 2013
1. Strong head, dark eye, good shoulder placement, deep chest, good angles, moved well.

Kilmarnock October 2012
1. Like this males balanced head dark expressive eye responded to handler good angles moved out well in good condition.

Dundee June 2012
Yearling Dog
1. 18month strong male and well off for bone and with a great attitude. Very dark in colour, good head shape with dark eye, correct filling to cheek and good ear carriage giving a lovely expression, darkest of mouth pigment. Strong in neck onto a good front and nice angle to pastern, feet tight, well developed chest and body onto coup. Nice rear angulation. Moved sound and fee, did have tendency to move with too much exertion at times pulling away from handler, however was pleased to award him Best Dog.