Torrodahls Queen Of Hearts At Sumostarr

Breed : Bulldog
Birthdate : 19th December 2006
Colour : Red & White

Layla who has done extremely well in both open and Bulldog breed shows, we are very proud of her, she has produced two beautiful litters. She loves the beach and the sea and walking through the fields. She is very fit and soft as a pudding.


  • Parents
    • Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride
    • Klanzmun Cleo at Torrodahl
  • Grand Parents
    • Britishpride Power'n Glory
    • Britishpride Philosphy
    • Lagavuls Spirit of Mutonhabulls
    • Kumormai Sarandon
  • Great Grand Parents
    • petworth Captain Pugwash of Ringablok
    • CH Petworth Passion potter of Britishpride
    • Mr Fezzywig
    • CH Britishpride Cream Cake
    • Redgorton Red Jacobite
    • Yakee Bright Star
    • Ocobo Baxter of Saltcountry
    • Jengren Lady Mcbeth
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Setsquare Surrey oak of Quintic
    • Petworth Polly Perkins
    • CH Storming passion at Ocobo
    • Petworth Polly Perkins
    • CH petworth Harvey At Nobozz
    • Desire a Bull Daisy
    • Britishpride Power,n Glory
    • CH Britishpride Hanky Panky
    • CH Isgraig Red Baron
    • Cleopatra Tassit
    • CH Kelloe Angel Dust
    • Atomstone Scotchmist at Nightspride
    • Bullybean Bodi Bilder at Ocobo
    • Ocobo Folly
    • Rohene Welsh hustler of Dewrie
    • Saltcountry Ruby