Simden Whisper on the Wind

headshot of Ripley aged 2 years

headshot of Ripley aged 2 years

Owner : simden
Breed : Leonberger
Birthdate : 31st October 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Rips is our first homebred girl.
She is the long awaited Storm daughter, and a dream come true. She has inherated Storms wonderful temprement and love of life.
She is now over 3 years old.Although not shown a great deal, she always gives her all and gains good results.

Rips has had all the relevant health checks done and i am pleased to say she has passed them all, with results being well within the LCGB guide lines

Ripley has also taken the Gionscopy test and again i am pleased to say she has normal angles and is glucoma free.
In addition Ripley has passed the LCGB temprement test.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Int CH Kingslords Mr De-Sevres
    • RUS CH Fabia iz GalkinaGnezda
    • INT CH Grizzly v Dreiburgenland
    • FIN CH Bjprntassen Diana
    • Sund Stramm's Design of Golden Art at Manorgurad
    • Rossnick Perchance to Dream
    • Shermayne Braga Ferengi at Stormchaser
    • Nabilah-Nerasha v Welland the Stormchaser
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • leoniitan Washable Lion
    • Kinglords Miss Sefanja
    • RUS CH Zolotoy Fazar Klifford
    • Solnechny Bair Oda
    • Lazzio v Welland
    • Anuschka Chaloupecke Skalky
    • Leijonamielen Hui Tosinuija
    • Lltika Lowe v Wurttemberg
    • Sund Stamm's Aristo Artisto
    • Maritimaborgen's Geniala Goldie
    • LUX CH Sir Union Defender of Pelgrims Ring at Rossnick
    • Rossnick Naughty but Nice
    • Manorguard Adam
    • Rossnick Jet' aime
    • INT CH Radjhi v Lowenkraft
    • INT CH Kiserdel Nora