Cassatess Dorinda

Daisy at Callum's 14 birthday party.

Daisy at Callum's 14 birthday party.

Owner : Cassatess
Breed : Golden Retriever
1st October 1997 - 20th November 2010

Daisy has been a very special girl to me. She has always been full of fun with a tail that wags and wags. She was beautiful in her youth, winning well in the showring, gaining her Kennel Club stud book number and producing some lovely puppies including daughter Flora who she loves to bits.
Even after major surgery she was up and wagging her tail in no time and pouncing on imaginary mice on the carpet!
My beautiful Daisy Dollops!

Sadly Daisy is no longer pouncing on imaginary mice on the carpet. She has gone to join the rest of the pack at Rainbow Bridge and is very much missed here at Cassatess.

Bye for now my Darling Daisy.


  • Parents
    • Tonara Guy Fawkes
    • Cassatess Ariadne
  • Grand Parents
    • Lindjan Kyoko
    • Tonara Memphis Belle
    • Denmarella Just a Jester
    • Kidston Santorini of Cassatess
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Amberland Black Sabre
    • Lindjan Dynasty
    • Ch Ritzilyn Cockney Robin
    • Sheroma Etta of Tonara
    • Golcrest Game of Chance
    • Denmarell Cherry Blossom
    • Kidston Daiquiri
    • Kidston Tarentaise
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Pinecrest Salvador
    • Craigisle Lanya
    • Ch Meant To Be At Moorquest
    • Portcullis Fancy Free
    • Sh Ch Amirene King Eider of Davern
    • Ritzilyn Tickled Pink
    • Starlance Laurel
    • Tonara Raincloud
    • Ch Meant To Be At Moorquest
    • Golcrest Ginglewood
    • Sh Ch Portcullis Napoleon
    • Denmarella Cotton Blossom
    • Sh Ch Lorinford Lancelot
    • Kidston Linnet
    • Pinecrest Pioneer of Kidston
    • Braydan Lisa Lehtonen of Kidston