Verdendo Agatha Nasya

Breed : Boxer
Birthdate : 7th March 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Aggy is a healthy brindle bitch with black mask and white chest area. Born on the 7th March 2009. Aggy has been heart scored and is certified as a grade 1.

Aggy has been temperament tested and has been certified has grade: Excellent. Aggy's temperament is outstanding! extremely tolerant and patient with puppies, dogs, and children alike having been raised with my two young children. Aggy has been very well socialised since a young puppy around people and other dogs in a wide variety of settings. As a young puppy Aggy successfully passed her basic obedience training and is very well behaved in the home and outdoors. Always wanting to engage in the family fun Aggy is never too far away with her eagerness to please and satisfy Aggy is the perfect pet!

Aggy enjoys going for her regular run's on a nearby local fields and we take her to a nearby lake where she enjoys all that is on offer, this is a sure way to ensure that Aggy receives the exercise necessary and helps maintain her health and fitness.

We have taken Aggy to numerous dog shows including Boxer club open shows, and companion shows. Aggy has performed excellent with some very proud wins in the showring! We hope to be able to continue and build on this success by keeping one of Aggy's puppy's for ourselves.


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