Starvon Fantail Boy of Eriksfjord

Jack and Louise

Jack and Louise

photo by: Photocall

Jack and Louise

Jack and Louise

photo by: Photocall

Owner : Eriksfjord
Breed : Swedish Vallhund
19th May 2000 - 24th June 2013
Health Tested

Health Tests

Jack became a Grandfather at the begining of August 2005 and again in March 2006 and is very proud of his son, daughter and his grandchildren.

Jack's daughter "Polipetl Freydes in Peakdreams" who is owned by Karen Kennedy gained her stud book number at Blackpool Championship Show 2004.

Jack's son "CH & IR CH Polipetl Leif of Eriksfjord ShCM" (Spike) gained his stud book number at Birmingham National Championship Show 2006. Spike now has 4CC's & 3 RCC's.

Jack's son and daughter both won the Challenge Certificates at Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 2007 with his daughter getting Best of Breed.

Jack is the light of my life and likes nothing more than having cuddles.

Jack is not very keen on showing but has gained his stud book number and enjoys the occassional day out at a show - especially if he can do the brace class with his son or be handled by his friend Fiona. Jack has occassional moments such as Darlington Championship Show 2008 when he likes to show his children what can be achieved - he took the RCC and Best Veteran in Breed awards at 8 years of age!

Jack was hip scored at age 7 and had a score of 3 each side giving him a total of 6, which is a fantastic score.

Jack makes an occassional appearance at Open Shows in the Veteran Classes and has proven to the youngsters that he still has it in him gaining some very impressive stakes wins and a veteran group win! He has now added a Best Veteran in Show award to his tally!

To know Jack is to love him and I will always be grateful to his breeder Mrs West for letting me have him.


  • Parents
    • Int, IR & GB CH Starvon Whispering Star
    • INT, IR & GB CH Starvon Anastasia
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Starvon Smashed Again
    • Starvon Odette
    • CH Starvon Andretti
    • Starvon Time to Dream
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Svedala Troll Olle
    • CH Skamsen Lady of Starvon
    • Starvon Huntsman at Damideli
    • Starvon Evett
    • Aust CH Norsled Foxy
    • Ryslip Karin of Starvon
    • CH Kirkholme Oskar
    • Starvon Rosanna
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Skogsbygdens Carl-Gustav Viking Av Sveda
    • Hildrek Silva Lillan of Svedala
    • Nord CH Repetas Ingolf of Starvon
    • Starvon Destiney
    • CH Starvon Andretti
    • Repetas Julia of Starvon
    • Nord CH Repetas Ingolf of Starvon
    • Ryslip Karin of Starvon
    • Ryslip Rustibuss of Norsled
    • Akkevaal Zamba
    • Valle of Ryslip
    • Snackans Kikkan
    • CH Rosern Forever
    • Mildane Lupe of Starvon
    • Hurstfield Friar Tuck
    • Starvon Joana