Valshep Annelise of Eriksfjord

Trixi and Heather Kennedy at YKC Camp 2006

Trixi and Heather Kennedy at YKC Camp 2006

photo by: YKC Camp Photographer



photo by: Photocall

Owner : Eriksfjord
Breed : Swedish Vallhund
3rd April 2003 - 11th February 2016

Trixi is a character with a very licky tongue and a very waggy tail!

She is my "handling" dog and we have had several wins and placings in adult handling competitions.

Trixi will be seen more in the ring now - reminding herself how to be a handling dog as she steps into the breech left by Bertie going to do agility!

Trixi is doing well as a Veteran. She won Best Veteran at Manchester Championship Show and has consistently been placed in Veteran Stakes classes at open shows.

Trixi has lost none of her spark in the ring and continues to wag non stop, move at a pace making me out of breath. She still barks at the judge until they place her and amazes them with how young she looks!


  • Parents
    • Hurstfield Norge Demos
    • Valshep Uptown Girl
  • Grand Parents
    • Bergatyr of Macette (Imp)
    • Hurstfield Ketty
    • CH Hurstfield Hextable
    • Starvon Scatti Hatti
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Swed CH Knatte
    • Swed CH Bergaidun
    • CH Drammericans Axstane
    • Hurstfield Barbro of Svedala
    • CH Kirkholme Oskar
    • Hurstfield Barbro of Svedala
    • Svedal Troll Olle
    • CH Skamsen Lady of Starvon
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Lassebackens Gurre
    • Nord CH Flisa
    • Rodagardens Esso
    • Nord CH Dagerdisa
    • Hurstfield Dram
    • Hurstfield Candida
    • Norsled Fina
    • CH Norsled Minka of Hurstfield
    • CH Rosern Forever
    • Mildane Lupe of Kirkholme
    • Norsled Fina
    • CH Norsled Minka of Hursfield
    • Skosbygdens Carl-Gustav Viking Av Svedal
    • Hildrek Silva Lillan of Svedala
    • Nord CH Repetas Ingolf of Starvon
    • Starvon Destiney